Hai Enterprise provides connectivity services for enterprises across many sectors. In an increasingly competitive environment, we’re one of the few African operators able to use carrier-grade services to enhance our corporate customers’ network efficiency and help facilitate transactions.

We have specialist teams with expertise in mining, logistics and distribution, hospitality, airlines, education and banking. And our specialist products for mobile payments and point-of-sale (POS) devices are helping African businesses facilitate transactions with the assurance of secure and reliable global support structures.

Our Products

National and International MPLS

Today’s tools of business are video conferencing, email, internal VoIP traffic and data transfer. So companies need a provider they can rely on to grade and prioritise these critical services. MPLS Layer 2 Ethernet and Layer 3 are private and secured services transported on a fully redundant MPLS infrastructure.

Internet access over fibre

As the fastest available broadband solution, a fibre connection can make a huge difference to the commercial success of enterprise organisations. Fibre hit the African coast within the last ten years, offering speeds up to 80 x faster than ADSL and 20 x faster than wireless broadband. It’s also future-proof, allowing updates to be done remotely. This minimises downtime keeping businesses on the go.

Internet access over wireless

Through access to Africa’s widest broadband coverage, we connect enterprises all over the country, regardless of location. We provide the out-of-town offices of many multinational companies with the same fast, reliable, secure network that their head offices enjoy. And because our wireless broadband network is connected to our Pan African fibre backbone, you can rely on us to keep your businesses connected to each other and the rest of the world.

There is a service to suit your needs.

Other services include:

  • Non Contended Internet Broadband Connectivity
  • Local Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) to connect offices in Lusaka to anywhere in Zambia via our vast optic fibre countrywide network.
  • International VPN’s to South Africa and as far as India. We can connect you literally anywhere around the world.
  • Domain registration and hosting.
  • Email Hosting, Email setup on customers’ servers.
  • Web-Hosting.
  • Remote (off-site) backups.
  • Remote monitoring of your network.
  • Remote (network critical) Support.
  • On-site support.
  • Router supply and configuration.
  • Firewall supply and configuration.
  • Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solutions.
  • Content filtering solutions and bandwidth management solutions.
  • Wireless LAN and HOTSPOT solutions.
  • Remote email access from anywhere in the world.